Front and Center

My Solo Adventure in a Multiplayer World

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

I played the online experience with my brother Scott, my friend Charlie and my step-father Danny during the beta. You start out with the shittest clothes and basic weapons. Like every online game you can level up and gain better equipment, weapons and style as you gain experience. At first we just had a temporary posse which I couldn’t name because I was a low level broke outlaw. Then I was able to create a full fledged permanent posse and aptly named us the Furious O’Flaherty’s.

It was during this time where we mostly did the online story as the real players were complete duchebags. Every time we went to a town to purchase ammo we would get shot by other players. Now mind you this is an online game and a Red Dead one no less. We are all outlaws so getting shot by other players is expected, but damn I just walked out of the store and boom … I’m dead. You re-spawn not that far from the area you died in but every player is still there as well. So if you try to go back to where you were you run the risk of meeting your killer.

When someone kills you, you have a few options; you can parlay, feud or grief. I don’t do any of that though I usually just avenge myself. I will find my killer and keep killing them until I get bored or they leave the session. This caused issues between me and my brother because he just wanted to leave the area but I wouldn’t. Sometimes he would flat out abandon me when I was in a shootout with one person or an entire gang.

Charlie stopped playing because his schedule is inconsistent. Danny stopped playing because he just lost interest. Scott Eventually stopped playing because he gets bored extremely fast. During my “For Honor” days (another online multiplayer game) we had a really steady crew which included my former boss and friend Marlon, Charlie, Danny and my nephew Jariel. We played this game almost everyday for 5 months straight and had an amazing time. However the Red Dead crew lasted about 2 weeks and eventually I gave it a rest as well because the game was a broken disaster and my backlog of games kept growing.

They had a couple of double xp events which lead me back to the game. It was extremely frustrating begging my brother to play but he eventually did. But it didn’t last and we stopped playing altogether. With the beta officially over my brother actually invited me to play and I was ready to lead the Furious O’Flaherty’s again. Unfortunately this was short lived and now I gotta take my horse to the old town road and ride till I can’t no more.

So now all by myself I have advanced 20 levels and I’m currently level 36. I need 14 more levels for the “Notorious” trophy and I can be officially “finished” with the online. Yet I don’t think I’ll stop playing, I have found a new respect for the game since the updates. I’m currently rocking three amazing outfits with great guns and abilities. I’m still killing people who’ve killed me, I’m racing and playing free roam events all by myself. I’ve even made up my own story for my character. I’m enjoying hunting and fishing and doing stranger missions all alone as well, I feel like Arthur Morgan 2.0.

So I may not have a posse anymore but sometimes when you wanna get something done you just gotta do it yourself. Now don’t get me wrong it’s a thousand times better with friends because its supposed to be played with friends. However don’t let that stop you from playing, most people do leave you alone and with the new offensive and defensive mode it really prevents random assholes from messing with your flow. So now let me try to do this side mission… oh it’s not loading… ok… let me go to the quick menu to refresh the session… oh shit… someone just murdered me.

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