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My 2020, 31 Nights of Halloween Part 1

Horror films, TV shows and video games have been a part of my life since I was about 5 years old. “The Fog” was first horror movie I watched with my aunt Maureen aka Annie. She was babysitting me and we decided to watch it together and I loved it. I watched “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Friday the 13th” and even “The Exorcist” all with Annie before I was 10 years old. I watched all the classic horror films with Bela Lugosi and even the Hammer films with Christopher Lee. I fell in love with “Castlevania” and hid “Splatterhouse” from my mom. Horror will always be my favorite genre.

My father also loved horror film and Halloween. He turned our house into a haunted nightmare and all the local kids loved to come over and visit my father’s house of horrors. He would have fake newspaper stuffed men and his friends would dress the same to scare everyone walking in to treat or treat. Halloween was always a special time in my house and I have fond memories of them.

Horror is subjective and has many sub genres so there is something out there for everyone. This is my third annual “31 Nights of Halloween” where I review all types of horror related video games every day for 31 straight days. This year I have seven friends helping me out for my first ever friend’s week. Some of the games are heart pounding, some terrifying, some humorous and some not so good. If you really want to immerse yourself in the world of horror I highly recommend to play in the darkness with your headphones. It really does make a difference trust me!

Before we start here are the games I’ve picked out for 2018 and 2019.


Outlast • A Nightmare on Elm Street • Sweet Home • Splatterhouse (Turbo Graphix 16) • Clock Tower • Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick • Nosferatu • Until Dawn • Manhunt • Resident Evil (PS1) • Zombies Ate my Neighbors • Bloodborne • Friday the 13th (NES) • The Suffering • Medievil (PS1) • Deadly Premonition • Parasite Eve • Monster Party • Silent Hill 2 • Castlevania (NES) • Dantes Inferno • Maniac  Mansion • Resident Evil 4 • Dead Nation • The Thing • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night • Ghosts and Goblins • Metro: 2033 • The Uninvited • Night Slashers • Dead by Daylight


Condemned: Criminal Origins • The Blinding of Isaac • Splatterhouse (PS3) • The Evil Within • Limbo • Days Gone • Lone Survivor • Alien Isolation • Fatal Frame • SOMA • America McGee’s Alice • Alice: Madness Returns • Friday the 13th (PS4) • Darkwatch • Castlevania: Bloodlines • Halloween • Splatterhouse 3 • Resident Evil 2 (2019) • Elvira: Mistress of the Dark • Castlevania: Rondo of Blood • Inside • Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti • Resident Evil (PS1) • Manhunt 2 • Darkwood • Medievil (2019) • Silent Hill • Dead Space • Outlast 2 • Resident Evil 7 • P.T.

Night 1

Title – Left 4 Dead 2
System Played On – XBox 360
Horror Sub Genre – Survival Horror
Developed by Valve
Published by Valve
Released – 2009
Overall Rating 8 out of 10
Infected Meter 10 out of 10

Four new survivors must make their way across the American South while surviving a zombie apocalypse.

I first played “Left 4 Dead 2” after my cousin Danny kept raving about it. He kept telling me to buy it on the Xbox 360, I told him I didn’t have one. He then told me to buy it on the PlayStation 3, I told him it’s only on the XBox 360, he then told me to buy an XBox 360, I told him that’s a hard no pass. Eventually I went to his house for the weekend and played it with his upstate New York buddies. They had two TV’s and two XBox’s hooked up like a weird science experiment.

I really thought the concept was very clever, you really had to work together as that was the heart of the game play. You can only carry a limited amount of items and ammo insuring that you will need help from your friends. There were a few jump scares but nothing got me like that fucking Witch. I heard a baby crying which was odd so I went to check it out, it turns out it was a Witch. She jump straight at me and I got startled and dropped my controller and Danny fell off the damn chair. If you haven’t played this game I recommend but it’s a far better experience with a friend.

Night 2

Title – Home Sweet Home
System Played On – XBox One
Horror Sub Genre – Survival Horror
Developed by Yggdrazil Group Co., Ltd
Published by Yggdrazil Group Co., Ltd
Released – 2018
Overall Rating 5 out of 10
Stalker Meter 10 out of 10

Tim’s life has drastically changed since his wife disappeared. One night, he wakes up in an unknown place. While trying to escape he is being hunted a female ghost.

This game has been on my radar for but I never gotten around to it until this year. I never played a game based on Thai mythology so it intrigued by their ghosts and demons. When I first started playing I immediately got “P.T.” vibes and the sound was incredible. Every horror game should be played with the best headphones you can afford because sound is everything. It’s has very atmospheric setting and I did sit up a bit when I first saw the girl with the blade.

Unfortunately all roads lead to her which in turn makes her more annoying than a threat. The game does change it up a bit by adding different enemies but you will always wind up hiding in a locker from the main antagonist. The last thirty minutes of game was really where it shined. The game is roughly three hours long and I felt the game was decent but it lost its luster rather quickly. Hopefully the sequel which is out now can redeem itself.

Night 3

Title – Man of Medan
System Played On – PlayStation 4
Horror Sub Genre – Interactive Drama
Developed by Supermassive Games
Published by Bandai Namco
Released – 2019
Overall Rating 7 out of 10
Stalker Meter 10 out of 10

Four friends and their captain set sail on a holiday diving trip to find a rumored WWII wreck, but as the day unfolds, a storm rolls in and soon their trip changes into something much more sinister.

If you have played “Until Dawn” then “Man of Medan” will be familiar to you. Both games were published by Supermassive Games and this game is the first of eight games to be released under “The Dark Pictures Anthology” I really Enjoyed Until Dawn which was recommended to me by my friend Niloy so playing “Man of Medan” was a given. But If you’re going in thinking this will be another campy 80’s horror cliché “Until Dawn” you will be mistaken. It’s a bit more serious and dreadful this time around.

It’s hard to review this game without giving away massive spoilers as every single decision has an effect on the story. There are fourteen different endings and the game isn’t to long to see them all. I didn’t find the game that scary, to me it is more or less a psychological thriller than anything. However the “old lady” scene was my favorite and her scream was pretty frightening. I figured out the plot within the first ten minutes and the quick time events damn near ruined my story. While not as good as “Until Dawn” I still found it interesting and entertaining though that I recommend a playthrough if you were on the fence.

Night 4

Title – Lollipop Chainsaw
System Played On – PlayStation 3
Horror Sub Genre – Horror Comedy
Developed by Grasshopper Manufacturer
Published by Warner Bros Interactive
Released – 2012
Overall Rating 7 out of 10
Chainsaw Meter 10 out of 10

On her 18th birthday Juliet Starling uncovers the root of a zombie outbreak. She must balance the drama of high school while carrying out her zombie hunting lineage and chainsaw skills to dismember legions of the undead and save town and high school.

The most important thing to know is that this is a Japanese game. Once you understand that the game makes a lot more sense. Super sexualized and freshly turned 18 year old Juliet is really an absolute badass and undercover zombie hunter. If there was a character that can give “Ash” from “The Evil Dead” franchise a challenge in both skill and one liners it’s definitely her. This is a straight up hack ‘n slash horror comedy with gore and dismemberment that can make “Dead Space” look tame.

While not scary in the slightest bit it does have gore and extremely violent kills with literal rainbows and hearts flying around. Her headless boyfriend is attached to her cheerleading mini skirt and the dialog is pure sexual innuendo along with some pretty funny situations. There were so many “WTF” moments it was amazing. If you’re not into getting scared but don’t mind killing zombies in the craziest ways possible, then this is a game for. It’s definitely out there but I enjoyed it.

Night 5

Title -Remothered Tormented Fathers
System Played On – XBox One
#Horror Sub Genre – Survival Horror
Developed by Stormind Games
Published by Darril Arts
Released – 2018
Overall Rating 7 out of 10
Stalker Meter 10 out of 10

The story revolves around Rosemary Reed, a fascinating 35-year-old woman, who reaches Richard Felton’s house, in order to investigate the disappearance of a girl called Celeste.

This game reminded me of video game “Clock Tower” and the film “The Silence of the Lambs”. Our main character looks just like Jodie Foster’s “Clarice Starling” did in “The Silence of the Lambs” and she is being stalked by an inspired “Bobby Barrows the Scissorman” from “Clock Tower”. The atmosphere was pretty heavy in this game and while the sound was great it was also misleading as the footsteps all sounded the same throughout the house regardless of what floor you were on from the enemies.

The first half of the game was pretty amazing but the animation in the cutscenes were lackluster and took me out of the setting. The scariest part for me was the “Red Nun” chase sequence. Her appearance and theme is the absolute best part of the game for me and it left me in edge. However, the game falls flat in the last act and some of the gameplay mechanics were trouble some. I still can’t get over the bare assed “old man” who’s only wearing an apron. This is the first part of a planned trilogy for “ReMothered” and the sequel is being released sometime this month. Hopefully it can polish the gameplay and turn up the intensity.

Night 6

Title – Alan Wake
System Played On – XBox 360
Horror Sub Genre – Psychological Horror
Developed by Remedy Entertainment
Published by Mircosoft Game Studios
Released – 2010
Overall Rating 7 out of 10
Stalker Meter 10 out of 10

Best selling thriller novelist Alan Wake tries to uncover the mystery behind his wife’s disappearance during a vacation in the small fictional town of Bright Falls, Washington, all while experiencing events from the plot in his latest novel, which he cannot remember writing, coming to life.

If there is a game that has a “Twin Peaks” meets “The Twilight Zone” and written by Stephen King vibe then this is the game. It all makes sense because Remedy Entertainment definitely took inspiration from that and many others. It has horror elements but definitely more of a psychological thriller and the development team stands by that. The story even plays out like a TV show which I though was pretty interesting.

The combat is also unique as you must use your flashlight to shine the light on the dark entities before you can kill them. My issue with the game is that it starts to fall apart, especially at the end of the game. Despite its downward spiral the game held my intrest. It’s a shame we will never get a sequel as I wanted to explore Alan Wakes world even more. I Really loved the atmosphere and the odd TV show cliffhangers.

Night 7

Title – The Evil Within 2
System Played On – XBox One
Horror Sub Genre – Survival Horror
Developed by TangobGameworks
Published by Bethesda
Released – 2017
Overall Rating 7 out of 10
Gory Meter 10 out of 10

Three years after the events at Beacon Mental Hospital, Sébastian Castellanos has left the Krimson City Police Department, but the mysterious organization MOBIUS gives him a chance to save his own thought dead daughter.

The first game was interesting, gory and had me on the edge of my seat but the main character Sébastien was kinda dull. The sequel didn’t make Sébastien any less dull but it certainly turned up the weirdness, intensity and gore. It definitely was a bit more serious this time but the odd dialog and characters made it feel like a campy b-movie. I guess when your in ones mind anything is possible.

My favorite chapters are three and eleven despite the instant death mechanic. Anima is a spector who hums a really creepy lullaby called “Clair de Lune” and stalks you very aggressively. If she catches you it’s game over and back to your last save point. She can even appear in the open areas of the game, however you can’t avoid her in chapter three or eleven. It’s a very intense game of cat and mouse. If you haven’t played this game definitely play it late at night with headphones!

Night 8

Title – Nightmare Creatures
System Played On – PlayStation
Horror Sub Genre – Survival Horror
Developed by Kalisto Entertainment
Published by Activision
Released – 1997
Overall Rating 8 out of 10
Creature Meter 10 out of 10

London is besieged by hoards of creatures created by a mad man to eventually take over the world.

“Nightmare Creatures” was out of the mix for me as titles such as “Resident Evil”, “Silent Hill” and “Parasite Eve” took over. I actually didn’t even hear about this gane till about 2010 and didn’t even play it till 2018. I’m a bit upset because the game was fantastic but being twenty three years it took a toll on me. PlayStation controls can be very archaic especially if you’re a younger game or even a veteran like me. I’m happy I stuck with it though because I enjoyed the hell out of it.

This is basically “Bloodborne” just eighteen years before “Bloodborne” actually was released. The creepy atmosphere and creature designs were great but like I mentioned before the controls and camera were frustrating. If there was a game thats needs a reboot its definitely this one. It was ahead of its time and if you can manage the funky controls and camera it’s worth a playthrough! It’s the oldest game on the list but up there with the newest horror related ones in the genre.

Night 9

Title – Doom
System Played On – PlayStation 4
Horror Sub Genre – Action Horror Developed by iD Software
Published by Bethesda
Released – 2016
Overall Rating 8 out of 10
Portal of Hell Meter 10 out of 10

An unnamed space marine battles demonic forces from Hell that have been unleashed by the Union Aerospace Corporation within their energy-mining facility on Mars.

My first experience with “Doom” was late at night in 1993 at my best friend Adam’s house. This was probably the first PC game I’ve played and when I saw the gun in front of you and you can actually walk in 3-Dimensional form was awesome. Yet what shocked me the most was blowing a fucking demons head off and blood was everywhere. That alone made me love “Doom” and all it’s sequels.

The reboot was great and had the fast paced action, loads of gore and an awesome soundtrack that “Doom” is known for. I liked the “glory kill” as it kept you in the action, instantly killed the enemy and you gained a little bit of health in the process. While it might not be scary (at least to me), you can’t deny killing demons from hell isn’t horror. The horrific kills, extreme gore and abundance of violence definitely makes “Doom” a great pick for a blood filled night!

Night 10

Title – How To Survive (Storm Warning Edition)
System Played On – PlayStation 4
Horror Sub Genre – Survival Horror
Developed by Eko Software
Published by 505 Studios
Released – 2014
Overall Rating 7 out of 10
Zombie Island Meter 10 out of 10

A complete edition including the original crafting survival zombie nightmare plus 6 additional thrilling DLCs. How to Survive now is more fun and tougher than ever. Survive on a zombie infested archipelago, fulfill your basic needs of food, water and shelter while facing natural and unnatural threats.

I put my sister Katie and my brother Scott through a traumatic playing “Zombie Apocalypse” back in 2011 when they were tweens. Its probably why my brother hates playing games with me. I made them stay up all night while we got every single trophy. Katie was so tired she didn’t know who to shoot any more. We got all the trophies and I thanked them. Eight years later my girlfriend Eva’s nephews came over and I did the exact same thing to them while playing “How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition”.

This time Jariel was the one who told me about the game and we played with his brother Haziel This game is a good mix between “Dead Nation” and “Dead Island”. You need to kill zombies, craft items, eat food and survive natural threats and obviously zombies. We had a great time playing the game during their visits from Boston. I never played it solo but playing with them was fun, intense and the game had a lot of humor, so if you have a buddy I recommend it.

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