My 2020, 31 Nights of Halloween Part 3

The final part of my “31 Nights of Halloween” special for 2020 comes to an end. This was a pretty cool year, all things considering. I got to play a few games on PC which I never really play on. I played a few on XBox as well which was also since I’m really aContinue reading “My 2020, 31 Nights of Halloween Part 3”

My 2020, 31 Nights of Halloween Part 2

These next reviews were written by friends of mine as I never had a chance to play them (except Resident Evil (’15). I will tag their Instagram profiles so you can check them out if you would like. I thought it would be pretty cool to have a different opinions and view points on thisContinue reading “My 2020, 31 Nights of Halloween Part 2”

My 2020, 31 Nights of Halloween Part 1

Horror films, TV shows and video games have been a part of my life since I was about 5 years old. “The Fog” was first horror movie I watched with my aunt Maureen aka Annie. She was babysitting me and we decided to watch it together and I loved it. I watched “A Nightmare onContinue reading “My 2020, 31 Nights of Halloween Part 1”

64th Street: A Detective Story

In the spirit of Final Fight… The story is set in 1939, and it involvesĀ Rick and his ward Allen. Rick is a 35 year-old professional private detective and manager of Rick’s Detective Agency. Allen is a 19 year old, reformed delinquent who Rick took under his wing. An evil corporation known as the Legacy Organization,Continue reading “64th Street: A Detective Story”

My Solo Adventure in a Multiplayer World

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online I played the online experience with my brother Scott, my friend Charlie and my step-father Danny during the beta. You start out with the shittest clothes and basic weapons. Like every online game you can level up and gain better equipment, weapons and style as you gain experience. At firstContinue reading “My Solo Adventure in a Multiplayer World”