Can I Get One Percent of Gamers To Listen To My Podcast, The GOGP Show?

Very true. This what the gaming community should be about, helping and supporting gamers however we can. You gained a follower and listener for life.

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In America alone it is estimated that 150 million people play video games. That’s what a third of the damn country? That’s a lot of people. And, nearly just as many folks listen to podcasts. Can I implore just one percent of you gamers to listen to my show? I could use 1.5 million listeners, I would be comfortable knowing I had such an audience. I wouldn’t have to get my ass a soul-sucking job. Its’s quite easy to put your game on mute and put on a podcast. It’s even easier to listen when your driving to work, or walking as you go to work so you can afford more video games. This isn’t some EA racket where you have to pay money for simple enjoyments. The GOGP Show is free. There is no begging on the show for you to buy merch, nothing, just perfectly good gaming entertainment…

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