A Nightmare on Elm Street

As a big fan of “A Nightmare on Elm Street” film franchise from a young age, I was excited when I saw the video game at my local Blockbuster Video. I turned the back of the box over and it had the 4 player compatible sticker and that got me more excited. I asked my my aunt Maureen aka to rent it for me and she did.

When we got home I popped it in and it wasn’t what I expected. but I was also wondering how you create an R rated horror film into a family friendly video game. Considering that LJN just destroys almost everything they touch, this wasn’t so bad. They had a pretty cool idea to use the “Dream Warrior” powers from the third film and  implement them into fighting Freddy Kruger.

Annie thought it was a piece of shit but me and my sister Christie were having fun. We invited my best friend Adam over and we had a fun, got frustrated and even fought as we made fun of whoever died. The level design was odd and so was the story but the worst thing was collecting all of Freddy’s bones. That just added an unnecessary difficulty since the jumping controls weren’t the best.

Overall this was actually a really good effort by LJN as in my opinion it’s one their best games on the NES. I never played this with four friends but I did do it with three. Playing co-op adds into the difficulty but it does make it cool when you are beating Freddy’s ass as a team. Though I gave it a decent rating I still had fun with it. It’s the controls that drag this game down

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